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When it comes to cholesterol you've been lied to.

There is a strong relationship between vitamin C and cholesterol. The total cholesterol in the blood is linked to how much vitamin C there is. If you are not consuming very much vitamin C you will have higher levels of cholesterol.

Cholesterol does so many important things in your body. You will not feel well if your cholesterol is too low. Cholesterol carries fat soluble nutrients throughout the body and helps the body to get rid of fat soluble toxins. The chemical structure of cholesterol makes it a steroid. Cholesterol is used as a building block for sex hormones. Vitamin D is another steroid. Sunlight stimulates the bodies production of vitamin D from the cholesterol just beneath the skin. 

Because one of the purposes of cholesterol is to help detoxify the body if you have a lot of toxins in your body your cholesterol levels will be higher. Toxins are neutralized by cholesterol. When doctors treat the symptom, which is elevated cholesterol, rather than treating the cause, which is low vitamin C levels, they are unintentionally interfering with the bodies ability to heal itself. 

Cholesterol is necessary for life itself and is involved in many bodily functions. Cholesterol is so important that if a person stops eating foods containing cholesterol the body tells the liver to make more cholesterol. Some of the functions of cholesterol include:

* A precursor of vitamin D in the skin
* Aids in the digestion of foods, especially fatty foods
* Necessary for normal growth and development of the brain and the nervous system
* Makes the transmission of nerve impulses possible
* Gives skin its ability to shed water
* Important for normal growth and repair of tissues 
* Plays a major role in the circulation of blood fats through the circulatory system

Cholesterol is essential for good health and without it you would die. A grave sign of serious illness such as cancer development or crippling arthritis is a sign of falling cholesterol levels. Even slightly low levels of cholesterol are associated with depression, suicide and lung cancer in older women. 

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Cholesterol lowering drugs, statins, have been shown to cause cancer in rodents when taken long term. It is also well known that statins cause severe emotional imbalances in men as well as a wide array of life threatening side effects. Statins also lower the levels of coenzyme Q10 which is necessary for the heart to function properly. In the last 15 years, about the same amount of time that statins have been on the market, the incidence of congestive heart failure has tripled.

Vitamin C is nature's perfect statin. There have been many studies showing that vitamin C regulates serum cholesterol. Vitamin C at dosages of at least 6000 mg has lowered total cholesterol in heart patients. Of course drug companies can't profit from vitamin C and that is why they developed statins.

Linus Pauling has shown in his experiments that vitamin C not only lowered cholesterol but that vitamin C could also help many to eliminate heart disease. Heart disease is actually a form of scurvy. What is scurvy? A lack of vitamin C. Due to the lack of vitamin C, plaque develops in the arteries which can in turn clog them. Increase the vitamin C and the plaque goes away. Linus Pauling recommended dosages of between 6000 mg and 18000 mg a day. Human beings are one of the few creatures that do not produce vitamin C. Most animals produce vitamin C. In fact goats produce about 10,000 mg a day and they are quite a bit smaller than human beings. There would be a rare need for Cardiologists if people would be taking the correct amount of vitamin C.

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